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Online Organizational Communications Certificate

Program Overview

Enhance Your Team Building and Leadership Skills.

Your organizational communication online certificate allows you to understand the theory and practice of effective leadership and team building within an organizational setting to advance an organization’s mission or goals.

Your organizational communication online certificate allows you to understand the theory and practice of effective leadership and team building within an organizational setting to advance an organization’s mission or goals.

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Utilize Communication to Embrace Difference

The Organizational Communications Certificate provides you with the knowledge, skills and critical thinking needed to explore a variety of communication issues. You will hone your ability to access credible information, analyze and evaluate messages and texts, create content, reflect upon social and ethical considerations and engage in communication across many platforms and diverse audiences.

In the organizational communications online certificate program, you will learn to apply effective leadership principles and practices within any communication situation that arises.

Stackable Certificate Options Available

Credits earned from the Strategic Communication Certificate are stackable and can be applied to the 30-credit MA in Communication degree.

Career Outlook: The Need for Applied Communication

The organizational communication online program applies to a variety of careers; however, applied communication is a booming field with more than 27,600 new jobs becoming available in media and communication occupations through 2028.With your skillset in theoretical and researched communication literacy plus practice in digital technologies, you will be equipped to address the growing need for well-rounded communication professionals.

In the Organizational Communications Certificate program, you will prepare to advance in your field by studying team and group communication, organizational dynamics and communication in leadership positions. Various elective credit options allow for customization based on your personal career goals and aspirations.

Public Relations (PR) Specialist


As a public relations specialist, you will promote individual and organizational brands, ensuring that the brand remains positive in the public eye. You will work with diverse types of media, such as TV, radio, newspapers, social media and more. You might also lead community marketing efforts and execute special events.2

Communications Analyst


As a communications analyst, you will be responsible for processing many types of communications for your organization, including both incoming and outgoing communications. You will need strong research skills, interpersonal skills, writing skills and technological expertise.3

Other titles you may qualify for:

  • Community Relations Specialist
  • Public Health Project Coordinator
  • Sales Coordinator
  • Events Planning Coordinator

Curriculum: Writing Effectively for Specific Audiences

In the Organizational Communications Certificate program, you will gain advanced knowledge of group and team dynamics plus communication and leadership. Ultimately, you will demonstrate theoretical and research literacy in diverse communicative contexts.

Through hands-on applied learning, you will discover how to create communicative interventions for various communities. You will also complete a culminating project, using what you learned in a live, real-world application.

Organizational Communication Certificate (15 credit hours)

Required Courses

  • COM 601 Communication Theory (3)
  • COM 605 Communication Research Methods (3)
  • COM 610 Organizational Communication (3)
  • COM 617 Group & Team Dynamics (3)
  • COM 629 Communication and Leadership (3)

Course Spotlight: COM 617 Group & Team Dynamics

This course explores the principles and practices of group dynamics. Students will become more knowledgeable about how to apply strategies that improve the effectiveness of the teams in which they have membership. Specifically, this course will explore the factors that impact group dynamics such as group development, rules and norms, individual vs. group goals, group performance, team building, leadership, diversity and inclusion, conflict management and traditional vs. virtual meetings. From taking this course, individuals will understand the complexity and challenges of working in team-based groups to apply effective strategies that facilitate healthy group dynamics. Prerequisite: COM 601.

Course Spotlight: COM 629 Communication and Leadership

This course surveys the essential relationship between leadership and communication. Examining leadership from a communication perspective, this course focuses on leadership as a means of management, namely, how to create, frame and communicate one’s own “realities” to others. Moreover, this class examines leadership as encompassing symbolic acts of creation and interpretation by drawing on communication theories (for example, the social construction of reality and coordinated management of meaning) that illustrate the symbolic capacities, limitations and ethics of meaning making. Finally, the course focuses on practicing the skills of meaning making as it pertains to creating, using, interpreting and critically evaluating moments of leadership in “everyday” acts of communication. Prerequisite: COM 601.

Admission Requirements

To apply for the Organizational Communications Certificate from Queens, you will need:

Tuition Details

The Organizational Communications Certificate program includes 15 credit hours and costs $884 per credit hour. We are driven to offer you affordable rates and transparency on what you can expect to pay so you can more easily accelerate your career. Speak with an enrollment counselor to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

As you explore Queens University of Charlotte’s Organizational Communications Certificate, our dedicated staff is here to ensure your decision-making is stress-free and enjoyable. If you have a question we do not cover here, request more information or call 866-313-2356.

No. This degree program is 100 percent online. While there are no campus requirements, online students are an important part of the Queens community and are always welcome to visit the campus, to meet with professors and to participate in commencement activities, just like our on-campus students.

Previous work experience in communications is not required for this program. Due to the ever-evolving nature of applied communications, this program is best suited for those who view communications as a life pursuit, with the intention of remaining current with the industry over time.

Check out our How to Apply page to get started. Or, give us a call at 866-313-2356 to speak with a program manager.

The average student completes this online master’s program in 2 years, but some students can complete the program in 1.5 years. Students who require more flexibility can take longer to complete the program.

The estimated total tuition is $25,500. Certificates in communication cost $12,750.

Note this estimate does not include textbooks, supplies, personal expenses, loan fees, and other costs you might incur. Consider taking these costs into account when you budget for your school year.

Learn more about tuition for the MA in Communication and your financial aid options.

While there is no program-specific accreditation for the MA in Communication, Queens University of Charlotte is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

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